Alignment with a Trench Coat

Alignment with a Trench Coat

Who motivates you the most in this world? As typical, cheesy, and unoriginal as this sounds I look up so much to my parents. I think about how they jumped on a boat after the Fall of Saigon, leaving everything behind. There were endless moments where the fear of the unknown and doubt of whether they would make it to the land of opportunities could have steered them away. However, with a glimpse of hope for a better future for themselves and their children they endured everything.

Lately, I have been reflecting a lot on this, because I have found myself being distracted. I have been getting upset at things that I cannot control and preoccupied with obstacles that will not affect me. But most importantly, I have been putting so much energy into worrying about matters that do not pertain towards my career.

This is a reminder to myself that there will be no more distractions. When there are days where I do steer off my path I will make sure to remind myself about the sacrifices my parents have made for me. In one year if I am in the same spot that I am at, that means I have accomplished nothing. I want to make sure that exactly one year from now I am a couple of steps closer to achieving my career goal.

Now moving onto exciting news, I have been allowed to work as an independent contractor for Daniels Publishing. I will be writing articles for their fashion section. This will be such a great way for me to network, gain experience, and build my resume.

Trench coat season is upon us everyone, and if you know me you will understand my obsession with trench coats. I have styled so many different types of trench coats in my blog. So here is another one for you with a pair of harem pants, black heels, and a white dress shirt. A couple of my favorite trench coat from the runway for fall 2018: GucciBurberry (Favorite brand for trench coats), Nanushka, and Ellery. That’s all I have for Today’s Daily Cup of Thy so thank you so much for reading and I will see you in my next post!

Photographer: Kenzie Alizabeth 

Trench Coat: Misguided

Thy X. Phan

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