Dilemma, Dream, Denim

Dilemma, Dream, Denim

Fear has been plaguing my mind these last couple of weeks with all the changes that are coming in my direction. If you knew me as an individual, I tend to stay within my comfort zone. I stick to things that I am used to and dislike changes in my life. The unknown itself is truly a frightening place and it shakes me to the core whenever I think of all the ways I could fail.

Whenever these thoughts are consuming me there is always one wild thought that invades my mind. Regardless of everything, all the distractions, unknown and fears that is to come I find myself asking how much do you want this? Words will never be able to justify how much I yearn to accomplish my dreams. I will cling to these wild thoughts as I wander the world in search of success.

This is the second time that I was able to shoot with Kenzie. As always, she did such a wonderful job of choosing the location to enhance my outfit. Even though it is getting hotter, there is no shame in the denim game. I was able to pair this ombre denim jacket with a black crop top, black lace bralette, white denim jeans, white lace choker, and brown heels.

I adore the ombre feature of this denim jacket. The ombre heightens the outfit, which is why it fits so well with the white jeans and lace choker. To add a darker tone to the mix, I decided to go with a black crop top to balance the color scheme.

I have arrived in Jacksonville, Florida! Moving thousands of miles away from home was such a huge jump for me. There were countless nights where I would just contemplate about whether or not this internship would be worth it. However, I know that in the end, the experience will allow me to grow as an individual.

I am looking for fashion bloggers, photographers, and makeup artists to work within Florida so hit me up for any collaboration!

Photographer: Kenzie Alizabeth

White Denim Jean: Forever XXI
Brown Wedges: Rue21
Ombre Denim Jacket: Forever XXI
Lace Choker: Forever XXI

Thy X. Phan

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