Fashion Industry: Fair Trade Clothing

Fashion Industry: Fair Trade Clothing

Let’s experiment. Grab a shirt from your closet and look at the clothing label. Where was it made? Typically, this label will tell you the country of origin. Okay, let me rephrase the question. Who made it? Yes, not where is it from, but who made the piece of clothing you will wear? Then a billion other questions come into play. What were the working conditions? Did this person get a fair wage? Were they even old enough to work? 

With corporations demanding cheap labor from overseas, the transparency from the manufacturer to consumers becomes unclear. It’s funny how it contradicts the age of technology where information is in the palm of our hands. This shift in perspective allows us to question every brand and seek a better way to shop with a conscience. So let me introduce you to the term fair trade.

What is Fair Trade?

“Fair Trade is a movement to create a more equitable system of global trade. Fair Trade focuses on direct relationships between producers overseas and buyers in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe. The Fair Trade system is based on parity, accountability, transparency, and mutual respect in business practices. Fair Trade certification of products ensures that the products were produced under ethical and sustainable conditions.”

This practice of fair trade in the fashion industry will push internal movement in the fashion industry. To ensure everyone gets a fair deal on pricing and working conditions. 

How do we consumers enforce this? 

Fair Trade connects us as consumers to the producers and artisans who create the products we buy. This encourages us as consumers to think about where our products come from and what went into producing those products. 

My personal favorite is using the app Good on You. I swear by this app. With this app, you can see how ethical your brands are. This app lists out the rating of working conditions, environmental impact, and labor conditions. Go download and use it! 

Fair Trade Brands in Wichita, KS 

Here are some brands I have discovered in the ICT that incorporates fair trade. 

  1. Alegria Fair Trade– Encourages education and the opportunity to make a difference with your purchase locally. 
  2. Filigrana Artisans– A one-stop shop for boho, repurposed textiles, vegan hemp, and uplifting women through direct initiatives.
  3. Sseko Designs– Handbags, clothing, jewelry, and accessories made by women earning their college tuition in Uganda.

Happy August, friends! Here’s to another month of surpassing the limitations of our minds and creating beauty in all we touch. I hope you found this blog post informative. See you in my next post, The Science in Mushrooms.

P.S: Thank you, Cels! Your visuals for this blog post are stunning. 

Model: Aracely Perez

Purse: Filigrana Artisans

Sources: K-State EducationFair Trade CertifiedGood on YouSewport

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