Fracturing the Glass Ceiling with White Boots

Fracturing the Glass Ceiling with White Boots

The Glass Ceiling: “An unacknowledged barrier to advancement, especially for women and people of color.” Did you know that it is 3.7 times harder for Asian-Americans to crack this ceiling? If we were to add the fact that I am an Asian-American female, it is 260% more likely for a white male to get the executive position over me.


So why am I telling you this? It is to advocate for all of us to take a leap forward and continue to bypass this metaphor. It is to push for women to be outspoken, fearless, and use this inequality to move an immovable barrier. I know that with everything I will face and all the lessons I will learn. I will not steer away from this glass ceiling, instead, I will fracture it. 


When I saw these boots at Rue21 I knew that I had to grab them immediately. They were only 5 dollars, which was a huge steal for me. These booties reminded me of the Melissa Collection by Jeremy Scott, which ranges from 60-100 dollars for a pair. 


In this outfit, I paired the boots with black leggings, a gray crop top, leather mini skirt, and green trench coat. To enhance the white booties, I chose darker colors so the shoes would stand out. With this outfit, I wanted to display to the world how these shoes and my trench coat will help me break barriers.


I would like to announce my acceptance to Nordstrom’s Internship Program this summer in Jacksonville, Florida. I am thrilled for this opportunity to work with such a dynamic company and enhance my experience in the fashion industry. I cannot wait to share my adventure with you. 


Thank you so much for reading today’s Cup of Thy! 


Photographer: Kenzie Alizabeth

Blog Edits: Theresa Doan 
Makeup & Hair: Jennifer Lewis


Green Trench Coat: Forever XXI
White Booties: Rue21 
Thy X. Phan


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