Limited Edition: Streetwear

Limited Edition: Streetwear

In 2010 when Vogue published their coverage of Jeremy Scott’s Fall Ready-To-Wear collection my love for Jeremy Scott began and addiction for streetwear grew. A couple of my favorite streetwear brands are Alexander Wang, Stussy, Off-White, and Uniqlo.

Beginning in the early ’80s, streetwear was associated with rap and hip hop culture. As this style rises in popularity, the blend of streetwear mixed into luxury brands which included Givenchy, Helmut Lang, and Balenciaga.

The concept of streetwear was simple, collecting limited edition pieces that allow a person to express their individualism. The beauty of this style is that it broke rules by mixing two prints, adding different textures, and combining several colors. Streetwear pushes the limited possibilities of fashion by displaying multiple perspectives of society

When a person breaks against social norms our first instinct is to accuse them of not fitting into our mold. We put up walls to shield them away from our normality and deny our minds the chance to comprehend their differences.

In dictionary terminology normal is defined as standard, typical or expected. However, in our society normal is going to college, graduating and then getting a job. Next is marriage and children are in the picture, eventually, retirement is called upon. So must a person act a certain way, dress like their told, and follow the linear path that is written out for us?
I have watched someone I love hide from being themselves because she is afraid of society’s opinions. And it saddens me since I cannot shield her from the harsh judgements of the world.

Thus my first instincts are to advocate for change and my request for you is to look at this in another manner. When advice is given “do not be phased by judgements,’ we are condoning that our culture already has bad intentions. The lesson should be the opposite, to walk in someone else’s shoes before a judgement is inflicted. This teaching will remind us that everyone should be free to be who they are. Once this concept is embraced, it will allow you to become a limited edition.

      Some interesting facts about me:

  1. I love kpop
  2. My left eye has a lazy eye
  3. I have a hot temper
  4. I have three citizenships
  5. I have a short attention spam
  6. I am obsessed with conspiracy theories 


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This weekend, I was in Arizona for a mini-vacation and I was able to relax, do a photoshoot, and reconnect with some close friends. Time to refocus and get back to work. Thank you for reading today’s Daily Cup of Thy. I will see you soon!

Photographer: Rovie Mae
Blog Edits: Theresa Doan, Jose Banales, and Rovie Mae

Thy X, Phan

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