New Height’s Simplicity

New Height’s Simplicity

What have I learned so far from my internship with Nordstrom? It is so mind-blowing to see how far I still have to climb to get to where I want to be. Although it is alarming it somehow motivates me to do everything that I can to make sure that the distance between my dreams and reality are within a grasp away.

 Another thing that I was able to see was that my fashion sense is still in the works. I always worry that my outfits will not be good enough for my blog, because I always see how well put together Jenn Im or Amiee Song’s outfits are. Whenever I feel discouraged I always think about a quote from a wise friend of mines “Rome was not built in one day.” There is always room for growth and improvement and I have so much time to build myself.

 This outfit was very simple and therefore it made me doubt myself a lot. In my eyes, this was something that I threw together within minutes without carefully thinking about what I could do to make this outfit unique. I hesitated on posting these pictures, but this post is for my personal growth. I want to one day look back and see how far I have come with my style.

The last thing that I discovered from this internship was that there are so many different brands that I love. For business attire, I would recommend Vince and Hugo Boss. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are looking for streetwear I would go with Alexander Wang’s collaboration with Adidas.

I am preparing for two shoots in Florida this July to show you guys my favorite summer pieces for 2018. I promise these outfits will be more captivating to the eye and it will display my personality.

Enjoy the rest of June and I will see you in July!

Photographer: Kenzie Alizabeth

Thy X. Phan


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