Purple Belted Blazer

Purple Belted Blazer

Quarantine Day 47280 – As an avid overthinker, what do you think I am doing while stuck at home? Ruminating over the past. Not just random moments, but the moments that changed me. It shattered my moral code and made me question who I am. These memories are the ones that made me insecure, afraid, and remorseful. In psychology, we call these negative emotions our shadows. The shadows that I thought had already healed resurfaces.

You see, one day I am choosing to move forward. But then I witness something that reminds me of my shadows. So I shut down, close myself off, and become still. Eventually, I recognize it is time to move onward, so I force myself to continue. It becomes a repetitive process, until one day, those shadows are unable to consume me. (This is a BTS reference btw, haha)

Out of the entire healing process, the magic happens not when I am moving, but when I am still. In those moments, I can face those negative emotions, empowering myself to proceed stronger than before.  

Our world is currently at a wait, anticipating for this pandemic to be over. Once it moves again, we have the power to reverse our damages.

  1. The sky is vibrant, the air is clear, and the water flows a deep blue. Do not prevent our planet from continuing to recover. 
  2. The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry globally. With the power that this industry holds, how are we unable to control overconsumption?

 Angelo Flaccavento wrote ” The pandemic has forced us to focus, here and now, on the essential: surviving. But once we’ll get our lives back, we will need beauty, to live again and not just survive. And when it happens, this industry may have evolved for the good: getting out of the marketing trap and rediscovering its real purpose in beauty. Beauty as a reason to progress and a way, again, to be truly human.” Click here to read the entire article. 

Purple symbolizes healing. Purple is added to soften the roughness of an outfit. Purple Belted Blazer is the outfit featured in this blog post. With this renewing look, I hope you can join me at the table to discuss how we can heal the planet and ourselves. 

Here are three of my favorite purple outfits. 

  1. All Purple Blazer with Skirt 
  2. Purple Sweater with Aqua Skirt 
  3. Casual Purple Outfit 

I want to give a shoutout to Kenzie Borland for starting ICTResponse and Stella Hankins of Bella Bonita Designs for donating thousands of face masks to several medical practices in the Wichita community. 

Thank you for reading Today’s Daily Cup of Thy. I will see you in my next blog post. 

Photographer: Annie Bui

Blog Edits: Merry Phan and Lisa Phan 

Purple Blazer: Gianni Bini 
White Skort: Gianni Bini 

Much Love, 
Thy X. Phan 


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