Seeking Comfort in Sustainability

Seeking Comfort in Sustainability

When I become stranded in my headspace, I find myself turning to nature. With a soul-searching playlist, through the tall evergreens and distant sunset, there are days where I can roam on for hours. From discovering the hidden gems of mother earth, my appreciation for our planet increases.

The earth is breathtaking, but it is a facade. Underneath, it is withering away because of humanity’s greed. When asked, in my field of work, what would I change? With no hesitation, my answer will always be the mass consumption of clothes in the fashion industry. We are blinded by the glamour of fast fashion, not knowing the story behind the production. 

In my blog post, Bella âme, I wrote about how everything we do in our lifetime has an impact, regardless of how minuscule. As consumers, we have the power to control the supply and demand chain. By avoiding the mindless actions of purchasing without research, the walls of overconsumption become penetrable. 

Let’s seek comfort in simplicity by focusing on sustainability. Here are seven summer staples that will go with anything in your wardrobe. 

  1. Black Tank 
  2. Ballet Flats 
  3. Denim Jeans
  4. Neural T-shirts
  5. White Pants 
  6. White Sneakers
  7. White Button-up

What more can we do? That’s always the question. Right now, I do not exactly have an answer, I just have a wild imagination. I hope to witness the production development of sustainable fashion using microbiology. Perhaps, engineers can develop a machine that can reproduce organic fibers and eco-friendly dyes. I think it is feasible to increase the research of science and technology to change the corrupt side of the fashion industry. But for now, here are five ways you can reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Shop local: Support your local boutiques. In Wichita, I recommend Aida’s Silver Jewelry and Frou Frou.
  2. Thrift online and in-person: My go-to online thrift store is The RealReal. They have a huge range of products from high-end to contemporary designers. For brick and mortar, I love Dead Center Vintage
  3. Choose natural fabrics: Cotton, wool, linen, silk, hemp, and jute. Though they have varying degrees of carbon footprints, they’re biodegradable and doesn’t contribute to microfiber pollution. If you love swimming in the ocean, make sure to start being aware of what fabrics you are buying. 
  4. Donate and recycle: Go back to the basics of recycling, reusing, and reducing. 
  5. Quality over quantity: Buy everlasting pieces. Although you might spend a little bit more, these items will last for decades. 

Thank you so much for exploring green options with me. If you have any other ideas, feel free to drop a comment below. Take care, and see you in my next blog post! 

Blog Edits: Merry Phan and Lisa Phan

Necklace: Shark by Design 
White Midi Culottes: Dig It
White Flats: Aida’s Silver Jewelry 

Much Love, 
Thy X. Phan

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