Spring in Linen

Spring in Linen

Thanks to a good friend of mine, I have been listening to Epik High’s newest album “sleepless in ______”. This album gives me a nostalgic feeling as I vividly recall myself listening to my iPod while playing their album Epilogue. At that time in my life, I was obsessed with Nubjabes and Epik High. I kept wishing that they would produce a collaboration since their music was similar in rhythm, flow, and meaning.

For those who are not familiar with Nubjabes, a fun fact about him is Nubjabes spelt backwards is Seba Jun, which is his real name. Out of all his arrangements, I find myself drawn to the song “Luv(sic)” part 4″. This melody talks about the seasons changing and that brings us to spring.

When spring comes, there is a term people refer to as spring cleaning. With the warm breeze coming, a cleansing should take place in your mind and surrounding.

To begin, relook at your New Year’s Resolutions and focus on your inner peace. Are you still on the path that you committed to at the beginning of the year? If you have steered off your path, what can you do to motivate yourself again? Are you closer to saving money for that trip? Applying for that program that you been wishing for? Talking to that person you have been staring at from afar? It is already March and one-fourth of the year is over so recollect yourself and continue forward. Once your mind is refocused, it is time to move on to your surroundings.

Inspired by Marie Kondo, I recently cleared out my closet, donated clothes, and decluttered my room. The act of cleansing is to get rid of anything that does not bring happiness, rather it can be useful to someone else. When cleaning your closet make sure to think about the last time you wore an item and when you will wear it again. If there hesitation on anything then you know your answer. Spring is about inhaling the new and exhaling the old.

I had a wonderful experience coordinating a photoshoot between Frou Frou Boutique and Nelson’s Design. Make sure to check out the article I wrote in the 2019 Spring Edition of The Front Porch Wichita.

A huge shoutout to Greg Rubbert for working with me to provide great images to show off this season’s local trends: linen, statement necklaces, acrylic jewelry, and navy blue.

Thank you so much for reading today’s cup of Thy, don’t forget to support your local stores and good luck with your spring cleaning!

Photographer: Greg Rubbert
Blog Edits: Theresa Doan and Rovie Mae
Inspired by: Trang Bui 
Feature: Frou Frou Boutique and Nelson’s Design

Thy X. Phan

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