Taste of Mint

Taste of Mint

Mint. Mint. Mint .
Google help me out. 
Mint Leaves. Mint Tea. Nope, I prefer green tea.
 Mint Bubble Gum? I like Trident the most
Mint Money Tracker…Hmm, maybe I should check my budget.
 Hold on. Mint Condition. Mint Condition with a mint blazer. I’m pretty punny huh? –knee slap-

First added to Ralph Lauren’s dress collection in 1958, the color mint stirred the runway in Paris compelling buyers and designers to do a double-take at the vibrant hue. Fast forward to 2020, mint has been declared the “it” color for next spring.The color captured the attention of top designers, so adding mint pieces to your wardrobe can catch the eye of that person you’ve been crushing on.

1. For first-timers, include some statement pieces so the color does not overwhelm you, such as earrings, necklaces, and purses.
2. Broaden your mint collection by adding mint tops, bottoms, cardigans, and blazers. Pair with darker colors to layer your outfit.
3. Navy is a great color since it flatters all skin tones. Some other go-to color that I pair mint with are white or black.
4. Be spontaneous with your color coordination. For example, you can pair mint with a bold color like red or a yellow pastel tone.

Forming connections between fashion and politics, The Fashion Condition is a book that I have been reading. It reveals how the industry upholds a distinguished image of youth, life, curiosity and desire. However, there is a side that people seldom speak of—the dark side of fashion. The side that includes low wages, child labor, overconsumption, and poor working environments.
This book is a must-read, as it shatters the illusion that the fashion industry is perfect.

Mint Condition
Mint condition is to be of perfect quality. No imperfections; absolutely flawless.That’s pretty difficult to obtain, right? I mean, how can one be perfect? To never have learned a lesson. To never have reflected. To never have forgiven, and to never have grown.Oh, my perfectionist souls, the lesson is this: Do not be afraid of society’s standard of perfection.
Instead fear should strike when you realized that you have been complacent: that you are the same person you were five years ago, never to have evolved.

Thy’s Thoughts
I wanted to try a different writing format so I hope you guys liked how I set up the three different sections and saw their connections. Thank you for reading today’s refreshing Cup of Thy and I will see you next time!

Photographer: Scott Huynh
Blog Edits: Sindy Lun, Lyly Nguyen, Jose Banales, and Andrew Siegman

Mint Blazer: Preston New York
Black Boots: Forever XXI
White Shorts: Gianni Bini

Thy X. Phan

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