The Blue Alchemist

Uninspired. Unfocused. Distracted.

I open my laptop and stare at my blog for at least 30 minutes before I close it and call it a night. For two months it is the same routine and I do everything possible to avoid talking about my career. I read dozens of books. I binge watch different dramas, series, and animes. Eventually, I stumbled onto my favorite anime: Fullmetal Alchemist.

In the anime, the seven deadly sins are portrayed and I find myself relating to the character Greed. Passion is subdued when our eyes are clouded with greed. Greed to climb up the ladder to get a seat at the table, to receive a title of importance, and to live up to expectations. The expectations from society, our loved ones, and ourselves. Because obviously at the age of 24, I should be a multi-millionaire, own 8 houses across the country, and carry the latest Chanel bag.

So how does Greed get defeated? Ironically, it is because he chooses to sacrifice himself to protect his loved ones. He is reminded that his beliefs outweigh his clouded eyes. By putting our ideals first, we will remember why we started our journey.

My love for fashion was never about what people expected of me, but what I wanted to leave behind. Someone who believes in women empowerment regardless of how competitive it can be in the corporate setting. Someone that travels to experience all the richness of our world. And someone who broke the glass ceiling regardless of the obstacles.

So let’s get down to business my friends, a suit is a must-have for all women. When walking into an interview or giving a presentation being overdressed is always the better option.


1. To demand the attention of the opposite sex, wear all neutrals besides one bold color. And I suggest that color be red. Christian Louboutin’s shoes are marked in red soles because red symbolizes power, excitement, and passion.

2. Match your material. Suits can be made from different materials. So it will look tacky if your pants are silk while your blazer is linen.

3. Match your colors as well. A black blazer from Veronica Beard can be a different shade from the black pants designed by Akris. To avoid mismatching colors and materials, I highly recommend buying an entire suit from one brand. Although it can be at a higher price point you can always find good deals.

4. My last advice is to be conservative. Would you take anyone seriously if their cleavage was hanging out while giving a presentation?

This season, I have been really into colorful suits and cape blazers. Lavender and mint are the summer’s hit colors, so of course, I will be styling a mint blazer for you so keep a lookout for that.

Remember to dress like you can conquer the world and eventually you will.

Women’s Suits Recommendations:

Veronica Beard
Calvin Klein 
Gianni Bini
Antonio Melani 

Photographer: Annie Bui 
Blog Edits: Theresa Doan

Peace out everyone,
Thy X. Phan 

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