Fashion Edition: Wardrobe Care

Fashion Edition: Wardrobe Care

Hello, fall! I am so excited for the seasons to change again. My last couple of blog posts have been about fashion and science. Today, I wanted to write about a lighter topic: style care. What are some ways we can take care of our clothing? I believe focusing on basic wardrobe care can increase the longevity of our clothing.

  1. The first tip is simple. Make sure you are doing laundry correctly. Separate your clothing by color, so the darker dyes do not stain the lighter ones. Try to wash with cold water and less often. 
  2. Wash in smaller loads, so your clothes can dry all the way. Air drying is a great alternative, plus it is less hard on your clothes and better for the environment. 
  3. Washing your jeans inside-out will help prevent fading. Turning your jeans inside-out will protect the color. Experts suggest washing jeans once every three wears.
  4. Read the care labels. Each piece of clothing has specific instructions on how they need to be taken care of. Certain fabrics can be machine washed, and others need to be hand-washed. The closely you follow these instructions the longer your clothes will last.
  5. Store your garments correctly. Giving them good aeration, space between hangers, and drawers that are not stuffed to the brim can help avoid wear and tear.
  6. Mend your clothing as needed. Tears, snags, and rips can pop up when you least expect them, but they don’t have to be a death sentence for your favorite garments. Use a sewing kit! You can also try mending glue or fabric to repair the minor damages. 
  7. Know your fabric. Read the care label to select clothing with fabrics that will last longer. This can include hemp, wool, cotton, and linen. 

With this list, you will have a bundle of ideas on how to take care of your clothing as we transition over to layering. What are some ways you take of your clothes? Thank you for reading, and I will see you in my next one on fall/winter trends for 2021

Source: Good On You

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